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Imogen Mcconnon sings a song for you. (Clic)

Tythe barn Bishops Cleeve, Cheltenham. 1977

Three little pigs

BUTLINS memories of  1976...
It was a very hot summer in 1976 and i was working at Butlins Minehead,and being a young 19 year old l was in my element.I was filthy rich with time on my hands. I had joined Butlins as an adventure rather than a long term comitment,but as time went on and the summer became hotter, l started to fall for the magic that was Butlins.  July was a very hot month and i was to meet a very special person, her name was Agnes, Agnes Fartbanger, she got that name for a very special reason,  she could not stop breaking wind, she could blow you away from 20 paces, the aroma from this young lady was something quite special, put it this way if you could bottle it you would be  worth a   fortune.                                                                                              I was not going to let this little problem mar my love for this otherwise beautiful young lady. What l had to do was to find a cure for her  ailment, and with my money it should not pose a problem. firstly.. l   engaged the expertise of a Dr Letsumrip, this man was to charge me 200 per hr to find a cure for Agnes. Little did i realise that Agnes and   Dr  Letsumrip were two people working together, and very soon they would take me to the cleaners and leave me stony broke.. Dr Letsumrip seemed a nice chap , meeting him for the first time, but it was while he was in the other room  that l heard this allmighty noise, yes it was, DR  Letsumrip    breaking wind,  the penny should have dropped, but l was so in love with Agness    Fartbanger that l was blind  to  the dangers that lay ahead........                                                                                       
Dr Letsumrip suggested that l buy two tickets to   Las  Vegas so he could take her to a  specialist for an operation on her bowels. lf this was to be a cure for Agnes, then l was only too willing to buy the            tickets, alarm bells should have started ringing when Dr  Letsumrip asked for 100,000 for expenses,    but      love is blind so l gave him the money.....Two weeks later they were  back with Agnes in a distressed state, she said they had been robbed at the airport and she needed more money  to fly to Accapulco to see a Dr Stitchum of backside repairs.   My love for Agnes was such that all  reasoning was gone, so l gave them the money so Dr Stichum could do the operation that would make Agnes a well woman. 14 days later they were back both had super suntans and no money,they said that they had been robbed again, and could l give them some more money, l told them all my money had gone  and that l had got the sack from Butlins, and was now signing on at the local employment exchange.   On hearing that my money had all gone she promptly punched me in the mouth, kicked me in the testacles and told me she only wanted me for my money, and that Dr Letsumrip was her husband....How could l have been so stupid, why didn't l see the warning signs, they say love is blind. Never mind l was about to meet another young lady who was to become something special for awhile....her name was  Fanny Stringalong, ..Yes Fanny was a  lovely     young lady who  was to make me go weak at the knee.(clic below to  follow my story.)

Andrews little Girl
about right


Gordon Hospitalised
Xmas 2009



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